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GENTEX Item# HW3877

Ops-Core Head-Loc 4-Point Chinstrap



Ops-Core Head-Loc 4-Point Chinstrap

Shop now for the The Ops-Core Head-Loc 4-Point Chinstrap (H-Nape) and other quality duty gear selections. The Ops-Core's night visions goggles (NVG) supports were designed specifically to fix the issue of NVG instability by providing greater support for the wearer. The chinstrap includes a fifth adjustment tab on the nap pad, eliminating back and forth helmet rotation when wearing heavier NVGs like PVS-15 and ANVIS-9. This keeps the wearer prepared during extreme duty situations.

Ops-Core's patented Head-Loc tabs make for easy one-handed chinstrap adjustments while uniquely designed straps eliminate loose ends for effortlessness use and clean lines. A padded leather chin cup and nape pad increase comfort and support during long wear.

  • 5th adjustment tab on nape pad delivers extra support and preventing back and forth helmet rotation
  • Patented Head-Loc tabs for easy one-handed chinstrap adjustment with helmet on
  • Simplified strap geometry with straight force lines
  • Unique design eliminates loose ends
  • Padded leather chin cup and nape pad for support and comfort during long wear
  • Custom webbing weave offers greater durability and ventilation
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate with all Ops-Core helmet