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Oakley Item# EW268 Mfg# 07-386

Oakley M Frame Hybrid SI Glasses 3 Lens Array


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Oakley M Frame Hybrid SI Glasses 3 Lens Array


  • Black M Frame
  • Hybrid Grey Lens with Nose Piece
  • Hybrid Clear Lens with Nose Piece
  • Hybrid VR28 (bronze) Lens with Nose Piece
  • Extra Nose Piece
  • Black Microbag
  • Specialized Case to hold frame, lenses, and nose pieces

Summary of Benefits

  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • Shatterproof, Scratch–Resistant Lenses
  • Protection from High–mass and High–velocity Impacts
  • Lenses Eliminate Distortion
  • Sunglasses Won't Slip in Wet Conditions
  • For Various Head Sizes

Protects Your Eyes

With Oakley's proprietary technology, you get many benefits with the Oakley M-Frame Hybrid SI Array. The lenses are shatterproof, scratch resistant, and protect you from high-mass and high velocity impacts because they surpass ANSI Z87.1 Industral standards and made of Plutonite polycarbonate. Both frames and lenses are stamped "Z87."

Keeping You on the Bullseye

The M Frame Hybrid SI Array includes three shields of pure Plutonite, a proprietary material that offers the highest level of optical clarity available in eyewear. The geometry of the Polaric Ellipsoid lens shape gives you razor sharp clarity at all angles of view. They elimiate distorion, showing you the exact location of your target. You can maximize your peripheral vision and protection against sun, wind and side impact.

Rest assured, the low profile nosepiece won't fragment your field of view.

Grey Lens: Controls Reflection and Transmission

Clear Lens: Provides Razor Sharp Clarity

VR28 Lens: Provides Optical Armor for Night and Low Light Conditions

Lens Compatibility

Comparison between the Oakley M-Frame lens and Oakley 2.0 M-Frame lens

The Oakley M Frame Hybrid Glasses can accommodate any lens for any other M Frame (non 2.0/3.0) glasses, including both Hybrid and Strike lens designs. However, lenses for M Frame 2.0 glasses are NOT RECOMMENDED because the hole in those lenses will be visible. We have M Frame Hybrid lenses in VR28 (Bronze), clear, grey, black iridium, grey (polarized), and amber (polarized).

We also offer M Frame Strike lenses in persimmon, VR28 (bronze), clear, black iridium, polarized grey, and laser.