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Nike SFB Gen 2 LT Boot (OCP Coyote) AR 670-1 Compliant



Nike SFB Gen 2 LT Boot (OCP Coyote) AR 670-1 Compliant

Every woman and man on duty needs and deserves a reliable tactical boot with the comfort of an athletic shoe. This is exactly what you will get in the OCP Coyote Nike SFB Gen 2 LT Boot. Whether you are a first responder, in training or doing your duty abroad, you need a boot that can handle a full day (or night) in varied terrains and scenarios.

Lightweight to reduce your burden when every ounce makes a difference, this Nike military boot doesn’t skimp on comfort. A cushioned midsole, breathability and ample flexibility provide a wear equivalent to that of an athletic shoe. When most tactical boots remove the steel toe to reduce weight and increase mobility, this Nike combat boot preserves flexibility and safety while utilizing an outsole that wraps over the toe as well as an internal rock shield.

  • Lacing system has been improved for quicker fastening and removal
  • Heel shank for stability
  • Optimized for fast roping
  • Collar: 8-inches
  • Upper: leather and nylon
  • Weight: 17 ounces (marginal differences depend on actual shoe size)
  • Outsole: Rubber with traction maximizing pattern, as well as a fast roping arch design 

These AR670-1 compliant boots are offered in a color consistent with the (OCP) Operational Camouflage Pattern, you have no obstacle preventing you from using this boot for better performance and comfort while doing your duty.

Don't want the Coyote Tan Nike SFB Gen 2 LT Boot? This footwear is also available as a Sage Nike SFB Gen 2, Khaki Nike SFB Gen 2 and Black Nike SFB Gen 2 boot

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