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Oakley M Frame Hybrid 2.0 Ballistic SI Glasses (Black Frame/Grey Lens)

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Item Id: 1826
Part No: 11-142


Available for both military personnel and civilians.


Black Frame / Grey Lens

Bullet Resistant

Oakley goes beyond ANSI Z87.1 industrial standards to protect your eyes.


The Oakley M Frame Hybrid 2.0 Ballistic SI Glasses are just like the Oakley M Frame Strike 2.0 Ballistic SI Glasses with just one modification: the curvature of the lenses. The bottom edge of the lenses are arched higher than the Strike model. With this adjustment, the Hybrid lenses offer a more secure fit for those with high cheekbones. It also brings a stylistic touch to the design.

Lens Compatibility

The Oakley M Frame 2.0 Hybrid Glasses are compatible with any lens for any other M Frame 2.0 glasses, including both Hybrid and Strike lens design. They're even compatible with Oakley M Frame 3.0 Glasses! However, they are NOT COMPATIBLE with regular M Frame lenses, since these lenses do not have a hole to accomodate the nose clip in the 2.0 frame design. We offer M Frame 2.0 Hybrid lenses in VR28 (bronze), clear, and grey. Also compatible with the Oakley HELO Insert.

We also offer M Frame 2.0 Strike lenses in VR28 (bronze), clear, and grey.


M Frame 2.0 = Military Approved

With the 2.0 upgrade from the regular Oakley M Frame Hybrid model, you have a third point of contact above the nose piece, fulfilling a military requirement for eye protection (MIL–PRF–31013). A clip has been added to hold together the lens and frame, increasing durability upon impact. Plus, the style is also more subdued with a matte finish and a black Oakley logo. Both models have frames with hydrophilic unobtanium at all contact points to keep them secure even under wet conditions.

Military Grade

  • • Fully compliant with all ANSI Z87.1–2003 protection requirements
  • • Fully compliant with MIL–PRF–31013 Vo Ballistics
  • • Full compatibility with PASGT, CVC, and MICH helmets
  • • Full compatibility with helmet–mounted night vision devices
  • • Included in the Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL)

Optical Clarity and Protection

  • • Distortion–free optics via patented Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry that minimizes refraction
  • • Extended upper/lower/lateral viewing fields via Polaric Ellipsoid geometry
  • • Plutonite® lens material, blocking 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light


  • • Maximized comfort of ultra–lightweight design (1.05 oz total weight)
  • • Secure fit, even under wet conditions via hydrophilic unobtanium at all contact points
  • • Convenience of easy lens replacement with no need for tools